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Fine Chemicals in the rapid development of intensive co-rate fine Fine Chemicals in the

Date:2016-09-22 16:22:13

As an important branch of the chemical industry, today's global fine chemicals industry is still in rapid development period. In recent years, China's fine chemical industry has maintained rapid growth, the annual growth rate remained at 24% to 45%, chemical raw materials and products industry beyond the 6 to 10 percentage points. At present, the fine rate has reached 40%, but compared with North America, the European Union and Japan and other developed economies, the fine of 60% to 70%, there is still a gap. The next few years, new domestic energy chemicals, electronic chemicals, pesticide pharmaceutical intermediates, engineering adhesives, eco-friendly materials and other new areas of chemical sub-sectors have good prospects for development, which, leading technology and scientific management Advantage enterprise worthy of attention.

The level of market demand and macroeconomic development of fine chemicals closely related to the developed countries has been the industry leader. As the industry has a high technical barriers, their core technology and continuous research and development capabilities ensure rapid growth of its source. In recent years, Bayer, DuPont and other foreign companies are actively integrating related industries, while the sale of basic chemical raw material products industry, have acquired pharmaceuticals, pesticides, polymers and other chemical industries. The domestic chemical production to small and medium private enterprises. Due to lack of policy, funding and technical support, private enterprises layout fine chemical projects there are products everywhere, the production concentration tends to be low. These factors have hampered China's fine chemical industry to further improve.

Fine chemical industry in numerous disciplines, involving a wide range, intensive management is the direction of the future development of China's fine chemical. Proposes a focus on the following sub-sectors: first, the field of electronic chemicals. By the transfer of production capacity and policy support to promote, liquid crystal materials, chemicals and electronic information capacitor chemicals will have better growth prospects. Second, the field of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates. A large number of patents expiring products and custom manufacturing model for the promotion of development of domestic enterprises to provide support. Third, engineering adhesives (used in electronics, solar energy, wind power, automotive, transportation and other fields): high-performance silicone, acrylic plastic, polyurethane rubber and other high-end products better prospects, there is a certain room for import substitution. In addition, there are also some domestic chemical industry park highlights the fine chemical characteristics, such a pattern is conducive to the downstream fine chemical industry convergence, promote the development of related industries.

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